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A Bit About Us

Who are we and what do we offer?

Here at Piper Therapy Services, we offer hypnotherapy for a wide range of issues, ailments and improvements. As an evidence-based practice, where possible the treatments and/or methods we utilise are those that are grounded with scientific evidence. We really take pride in our craft, offering treatment plans and hypnotherapy tailored to the individual and with additional tasks that help you make changes to the way you think, and how you live. Furthermore, we don't just give you sessions of hypnotherapy, we teach you coping and management skills in self-hypnosis. By providing you with newly acquired self-hypnosis skills, you will be able to use self-hypnosis not just for what you come to us for help with, but with almost anything else that can come your way. By working with Piper Therapy Services, we don't just help you now, we teach you skills for life.

We are based in Bournemouth, in the BH8 postcode area and operate physical appointments in the area, both utilising therapy rooms or conducting home visits when requested and available. We also offer hypnotherapy via online calling software such as Zoom or Skype, and so regardless of where you live, we will endeavour to find a way to keep in contact, and help you where required.

Daniel Pedley

Daniel Pedley is our hypnotherapist who will work with you to give you hypnotherapy, as well as helping you design your treatment plan, as well as giving you tasks. He has a bachelor's (BSc(hons)) degree in Psychology and is a graduate of the Anglo-European College of Therapeutic Hypnosis, where he obtained his diploma and trained in hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). He is also a member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH) and so takes pride in adhering to their strict, professional ethical standards, undertaking regular CPD and training to ensure that he is able to provide the best services possible. He is a self-confessed 'nerd' who knows enough seemingly vague and unnecessary trivia to fill a small library. Daniel also has a penchant for anything vintage. Thankfully though, his attitude and mindset towards hypnosis is anything but. 

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