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Curious about client experiences? Feel free to browse and see for yourself what people think about working with us.

Ben L.

Dan has been nothing but an absolute godsend. I started seeing Dan for therapy sessions whilst going through a rough patch in my life, and the results have been amazing! My sleeping habits have improved so much since Dan has taught me self hypnosis and my anxiety has simmered down significantly using the methods I had learned throughout our sessions. I'm forever grateful for the help Dan has provided and I will always recommend and come back if ever needed!

Lily K.

I started my sessions with Daniel back in April this year. I wasn't in the best place emotionally and he helped me at a time of need. I had struggled to open up to people in the past but didn't feel this way with him at all. I felt no judgement and he was extremely patient with me. He went over everything thoroughly and told me what to expect during our sessions. The hypnotherapy has had an amazing impact on me and has given me something I never thought was possible. I feel I am now able to deal with my issues in a positive and constructive way. Dan provides a place of safety yet professionalism where I felt completely able to let go and trust the process. I can honestly say he's had a huge impact on my mental health which has improved dramatically. I would recommend this service to anyone who is feeling in need of some support. Thank you!!!

Sally C.

"Dan has a calm, strong, encouraging way of interacting which instils a great confidence that one may just have found the right help to deal with some of life’s challenges. He has definitely helped me gain some insight into emotions that were in danger of completely spiraling out of control. Thank you."

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